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Founding Team

Tuck Wai
Chief Executive Officer
Tuck Wai was a financial adviser's representative and Sales Director since 2008. Five years ago, he was HR Tech's Business Strategy Team Lead and Insurance Business Head. He used his insurance skills to build a solution that humanises and simplifies SaaS employee benefits product which recognise by Singapore Fintech Association. 
Ali Tabatabaei
Chief Technology Officer
Ali is also the founder of SoftwareQ, a boutique software solutions consultancy and training facility with over 30 employees that produces custom software applications while also teaching better developers. He assists businesses in developing the best solution, selecting the best cloud provider, and implementing the appropriate technologies and tools.
Js Teh
Creative Team Lead
JS has 16 years of experience in the creative sector and has been to numerous nations to broaden his expertise. He's also worked as a Creative Director for a well-known corporation and lectured at local universities. He strengthens corporate storytelling. He believes stories touch people emotionally. Stories attract people's attention, so they're the finest method to deliver a message.

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