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The Lady and A Sandwich

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The Lady And A Sandwich

Over the years, women had shown significant interest in managing their personal wealth. However, with the occurrence of Covid-19, the increase in unemployment rates and childcare duties had put women in a much more difficult situation to do so. 

Out of the total population in the world: 3.9 billion people, women comprise 49.58%. Research had shown women’s wealth had grown up to 800% over the last 20 years. According to U.S Bank’s 2022 women and wealth insight report, 55% of women are confident in their financial skills. 

With the basics like having savings and tracking expenses, they are insufficient to counter unexpected situations, not to mention achieving Financial Independence, starting a family, investing in children’s education and retirement plans. Therefore, to develop the concept of wealth management, women can start by gaining knowledge in financial planning.


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13th October


6 key Chapters

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Brenda Yong

Brenda became a licensed financial practitioner in 2007. Brenda wishes she had a financial adviser that was caring and sympathetic while she watched her mother battle cancer.

Brenda launched KP Financial Group in 2008 with other financial planners. They joined her because they noticed her enthusiasm and shared her vision of making financial literacy easier for all Malaysians.

Brenda's high standards and ambition to thrive in her area attracted the financial world. She was inducted into the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) as the first Malaysian licenced financial adviser. She's one of the few Malaysians with four consecutive MDRT certifications.

This class about women financial is all about her experiences talk and expert sharing. 
Woman Financial Expert
Licensed Financial Practitioner

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