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A space to connect insurance policy stakeholders.

Our Goals



Build a collaborative environment in which multiple countries' insurers, advisers, regulators, personal finance educator providers, software houses, and industry participants can collaborate to develop a healthy and ever-learning personal financial services environment together.


Develop an all-in-one adviser workspace apps assist the advisers & team leaders in consolidating the customers policies purchase from difference insurers into a single login dashboard for easy management and review from time to time.


Automates the insurance workflow to enhance trust between policyholders, Intermediaries, and Insurers by digitising the process. It’s where insurers and insurance advisers can better serve clients by connecting and aligning with each other.

Connect -
Space for Insurtech

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 TrustPal Space

A space to stay connected with others, inspiration and learn from the experts, so you can achieve your goals faster –– with less hassle

 Inspire Studio

Experts who directly impact the personal finance market from different expertise and countries to share their knowledge with the community

 Industry Feed

Continue to stay up to date on industry news by following and attending industry events. It also provides a forum for members to discuss and raise issues with the adviser in order to receive feedback and assistance from other community members.

Combine - Workspace

Workspace is a B2B Insurtech dashboard that enables our insurance advisers to learn whenever and wherever they want while performing daily tasks, monitoring and managing their customers, and automating the Insurance & Trust operation workflow to improve communication between policyholders and insurers/trustees by digitising the process.
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Key Feature - Academy

We want to make a difference for professional continued learning with "Watch," "Inspire," and "Learn" models to encourage learners to keep learning anytime, anywhere. 
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 Our Most Recent Classes:


Key Feature - (BETA) Policy Management Dashboard

Use a user-friendly dashboard to manage various clients' third-party policies. To boost productivity while decreasing manual effort for the adviser. We invented the Streamline Policy Workflow, which allows AI robots to automatically upload data in minutes, eliminating manual data entry, errors, and inconsistencies.
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