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Exclusive offer to all startups of RM15,000 RM5,000 per video, with only four slots available per month.
Package include

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Pre Production

  • Research and planning
  • Scene breakdown
  • Guide on Storyboarding Script Writing (Self Preparation)

Shooting Day

  • 1/2 days Filming recording
  • Camera and lighting equipment.
  • Voice Over recording

Post Production

  • 3mins Video editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Visual Effect
  • Sound Effect

Exclusive Partnership

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Our Believe - Human-touch

A corporate brand needs to be more approachable; it shouldn’t be an impenetrable force. Because business is about people, your brand should have a breathing human touch to give it life and soul. 

Find Your
Brand Story

Determine what core value you desire to deliver in the long run.


By sharing your company’s brand story, you may humanise your brand image and increase audience engagement. 


 Positive emotions and connections are sparked by stories. 

Problem - Solution

Inform your clients about the problem and the solution you can offer.Inform your clients about the problem and the solution you can offer.
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