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CPD Knowledge

Task Management

Closing Rate

Why Workplace


Customer Experience

When it comes to insurance, people tend to be more passive than proactive.

Advice & Recommendation

Understanding insurance is complex to consumers, they need guidance when it comes to selection most of the time. 

Digital Edge

The pandemic was changing the habit of customers that they are more reliable or prefer digital solutions. 


Most policyholders prefer to deal with the same person for their personal or family insurance for easy management.

Adviser Challenges

Every Adviser Is Their Own Entrepreneur.

Claim, Servicing, Renewal

The advisers are manual to access the daily task like claim status, customer request and renewal due date without auto-reminder.

Digitalisation Cost

Digitalisation is a luxury for advisers to implement digital solutions. 

Succession Plan

The business succession plan is a common topic that advisers discuss with their business clients. However, as an entrepreneur, do advisers have their sellable succession plan? 

Insurers Limitation

Insurance companies want to evolve, yet they are unable to do so.


Major resource was allocate to the operation likes sales development, underwriting, policy management and claims. 

Digitisation Cost

Unlike startups, the insurance company only can rollout the complete system with the regulator's approval. Not only development costs but also time costs. 


Immediate profit is the top priority of the insurance company. Therefore, they are less willing to invest in uncertainty, especially technology.

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